Meal Planning Made Simple with DEE'S It Yourself Pizza Kits!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Work From Home Life

While the new work from home environment may provide you some new found personal freedom and may even present itself as less stressful, the higher use of mobile devices and constant focus on your laptop screens can become daunting. People tend to lose track of time and end up skipping meals throughout the day because of the constant focus on having to get their work done. There is a higher reliance on smartphones, television screens and tablets to keep you busy but the end result is linked with higher stress levels. Without the time allocated in your day to commute to work, routine lunch break and out of office meetings—it can lead to the newly discovered feelings of isolation. It’s important to plan for periodic breaks, healthy meals and reward yourself with something fun to look forward to at the end of your work day.

Meal Planning Made Simple

There is nothing easier than ordering a DEE’S It Yourself Pizza Kit a day or two before and then reaching for it in your fridge at the exact time your ready for it. Perfect for lunch, dinner or even an afternoon snack. Each kit contains everything you need to make two pizzas. Just set the dough on the counter an hour before you plan to start and tell the kids and/or spouse to get ready to have some fun. The entire pizza making activity will be complete in under 30 minutes.

Get Creative and Spark Joy

Personalize your pizza to your exact taste by using one of DEE’S toppings or by using up something from your own fridge. Remember pizza can go beyond the traditional plain cheese or pepperoni pie. Add your favorite toppings—mushrooms, broccoli, bacon, spinach, fresh herbs, onions, or even pineapple. You can show off the different variations of pizza toppings and shapes you have made together and cherish the fond moments of this little project. It may even lead you to discover a hidden talent that you never knew existed. Sometimes a little encouragement is all you need to spark some motivation to start something new! With your newfound confidence and creativity flourishing, this has the potential to be a catalyst for something much bigger down the road.

Memorable 2020 Family Moments

With these unprecedented times amongst our community, let Dee’s DIY Pizza kit create a fun distraction for you and your family to gather together and enjoy moments of laughter and fun. Don’t forget to take pics of your fabulous culinary creations and show off by posting and tagging us @deesnyc or use the hashtag #deesityourself. Dee can’t wait to see your homemade pizzas!!

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