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5 Tips to Restaurant Style Dining at Home!

There are few things better than going out to dinner. What’s not to love? Someone else prepares the food, serves it up, and cleans the mess! When you add in the atmosphere and ambiance it’s really an entire dining experience. What if we told you that you could achieve this from a take-out meal? It’s true! Let’s take a look at how to make your take-out an ultimate dining experience.

Design Your Tabletop

The first step is to set the table. Once you’ve cleared and wiped it down, choose an elegant tablecloth and/or placemats to finish the look. Don’t be afraid to spice it up with candles, name cards, a bouquet of fresh flowers, a centerpiece, etc.

Serve the Food Up Right

Eating food straight from take-out containers can make the dinner feel less “fancy.” So, before serving the food, toss out all the disposable containers and serve your meal using your “nice” dishes. Doing something this simple really sets a different tone for the meal, as suddenly it feels like you're enjoying a delicious homemade meal or one from a fancy restaurant!

It’s All About Presentation

Now that you have the food on nice dish ware, it’s time to add some flair to the presentation. During this step, feel free to squeeze some lemon, balsamic glaze, or even sprinkle herbs over the top. You can also create small decorative pieces such as spiral vegetables or simply use some greens and a pop of color with a lemon or lime slice on the side.

Add A Signature Homemade Touch

What good is a nice dinner if there’s no dessert to finish it off? To make your take-out meal an ultimate dining experience, add a homemade touch. In other words, make a batch of grandma’s favorite cookies or whip up that cake recipe that’s been in your family for generations. You can also go the other way with this, and create a delicious appetizer or a made-from-scratch loaf of bread.

Set The Mood

Finally, the last step to achieving the ultimate dining experience with take-out food is to set the mood. You can do this by dimming the lighting or simply playing a “special playlist” with nostalgic songs. This step can be tailored to fit your individual needs and can be as fancy or casual as you’d like.

In the end, everyone deserves a break from planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking dinner, even if it’s only occasionally. So, the next time you order take-out food, follow our tips above, and you’ll see just how amazing a dining experience can be outside the restaurant if you put in a little effort.

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